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Schedule of Appearances for Dr. Robert R. Hieronimus 2006 

     Pic of Dr. Bob painting the Artcar  
January 7, 2006       National Geographic

      The year started off on a positive publicity spin with an interview for the National Geographic Channel to be aired on May 15, 2006. Dr. Bob is interviewed by Weller Grossman Productions’ Rob Blumenstein at the George Washington Masonic Memorial and Museum in Alexandria, Virginia.  They concentrated on anti-Masonic conspiracies. 

January 25, 2006     Bill of Rights Press Radio Show with Jesse Herron, KHNC in Johnston, CO

      They concentrated on decoding the symbolism, and the link between Indians and Masons. 

March 1, 2006 - Favorable review in The Echo (monthly paper in Charlottesville, VA)

Written by Wayne Thomas.  “Hieronimus performs a great service for contemporary Americans by providing guidance to the historically accurate interpretation of the values and hopes for the future held by those who founded our country.” 

March 9, 2006 - Two page spread in The Daily Progress (daily paper in Charlottesville, VA), included color photo above the fold, front page of Lifestyles section

Also a front page “tease” with color photo in the Tuesday, 3/7/06 edition.

Written by Dave Maurer 

March 21-23, 2006  Owings Mills Times and The Jeffersonian articles released

“Symbols of Early America Hit the Road” by Scott Weybright featured a full color above the fold photo of Dr. Bob and Zohara Hieronimus painting the finishing touches on the “Founding Fathers” art car.  The article focused on the influence of the League of the Iroquois Indians on the founding fathers as told through the symbols on the car. 

March 22, 2006 (Wednesday)   6:00 PM    The Virginia Festival of the Book in Charlottesville, VA

      Dr. Bob is a guest of Quest Book Shop to speak at the McIntire Room, Central Library, 201 E. Market St.

VABook! 434-924-6890 

March 24, 2006 (Friday)   WJZ-TV Baltimore

“Coffee With” Marty Bass and Don Scott on this CBS affiliate.  5:45 min segment on the book, Founding Fathers, Secret Societies and a plug for the speech at Fortfest tomorrow.  Discussion also about Dan Brown’s next book will be about the secret symbols of the founding fathers. 

March 25, 2006 (Saturday)     FortNite-March in Baltimore, MD

      Dr. Bob will give a powerpoint presentation on “Decoding the Great Seal” at the American Visionary Arts Museum  Also, the debut of Dr. Bob’s “Founding Fathers” Artcar!

International Fortean Organization: 304-876-0932. 

April 9 (Sun) Brighton TV films Bob at home and in “Founding Fathers” Artcar for History Channel’s “Secrets of the Dollar Bill” documentary – Airdate to be determined 

May 2, 2006  (Tuesday)  9:30 PM Eastern  Radio Interview: WLTH in Chicago 

Host/Producer: Ron Mohammed 

May 5, 2006  (Friday)  9-11 AM Eastern  Radio Interview: KFFK in Fayetteville, AR 

5,000 watts, plus also simulcast to the Republic Broadcasting Network and about 50 affiliates)

Host/Producer: Frank Whalen 

May 8, 2006 (Monday) 2PM Arcadia Entertainment TV interview Dr. Bob at the Masonic House of the Temple in Washington DC -with Artcar for the Discovery Channel’s 3- part series on the Freemasons to be aired later this summer. 

May 11-14, 2006  (Thurs-Sun) Maryland Film Festival

      Dr. Bob and Zoh attend this annual festival every year and will be parking the “Founding Fathers” Artcar on prominent display throughout the weekend.  Come see it! 

May 14-21 “Out There TV” on the America One Network

      Dr. Bob is interviewed by Richard and Kate Mucci, co-hosts and producers of Out There TV, a weekly, one hour news and interview program.  The show begins airing on Sunday, May 14th, for the next two weeks around the world. 

May 15, 2006       National Geographic “Secrets of the Freemasons” 

      "Secrets of the Freemasons" will air at 9:00 PM (Eastern) on Monday, May 15th on the National Geographic Channel. It will re-air for the first time on Saturday, May 20th, at 10:00 PM (also on Nat Geo).  

May 15, 2006  (Monday)  11:05 AM Eastern  Radio Interview: WDLB & WFHR in Wisconsin (35 minutes)

Ryan Lindsey "Insight" Talk Show - Weekdays 9am-Noon

Heard on WDLB-AM (Marshfield, WI) and WFHR-AM (Wisconsin Rapids, WI)

Ryan Lindsey 

May 17, 2006  (Wed) “ArtWorks This Week”  7:300 PM

      Interviewed by Rhea Feikin on book and Artcar 

May 19, 2006  (Fri)  Da Vinci Code Movie is released 

May 19 (Friday)  WYPR - “The Signal”  12 PM and 7 PM

      Interviewed by Aaron Henkin on Founding Fathers, Secret Societies 

May 19-21, 2006  (Fri-Sun)  BookExpo America at the Washington DC Convention Center

Bob to sign copies, greet readers/vendors at this annual convention for the publishing industry, Booth #1743 

May 22, 2006  (Monday) 4-4:45 PM Eastern  Radio Interview: WTMA in Charleston, SC

Host: “Rocky B” – The idea that Freemasons are conspiring to control the world is a big joke. 

May 24, 2006  (Wednesday) 9-9:45 AM Eastern  Radio Interview: KOLE in Beaumont, TX

Dominic Brascia, Host of “Morning Blend” morning show, fox affiliate.  

May 24, 2006  (Wednesday)  1:30-2 PM Eastern  Radio Interview: KRLC in Lewiston, ID

Gene De Forest, Host.  One of the most balanced and informed interviews so far! 

May 25, 2006  (Thursday) 9:30 AM Eastern  Radio Interview: WGY in Latham, NY

Host: Don Weeks (recorded to be aired the week of May 29) 

June 3, 2006 (Saturday) Charles Village Celebration

      Dr. Bob’s Artcar “Founding Fathers” will be riding in this colorful neighborhood celebration called the “Decca Dance” parade. 

June 10, 2006 (Saturday) 11 AM Columbia Festival of the Arts 3rd Annual Kinetic Art parade

Dr. Bob's Artcar "Founding Fathers" will be riding in this parade that kicks off the annual celebration of the arts in Columbia, Maryland designed to build community through shared participation and celebration, engage participants in a broad spectrum of art forms and cultures, and encourage interaction among artists and audiences.

June 13, 2006 (Tuesday)  - Antiquities Research Films to film Bob and Zoh in Washington DC

Christian Pinto will interview both Dr. Bob and Zohara Hieronimus on their joint work on the Great Seal Committee trying to pass legislation for official recognition of the reverse of the Great Seal.  To be included in the second part of their series on the secrets of America’s beginnings, "Riddles in Stone: The Secret Architecture of Washington D.C." 

June 14, 2006 (Wednesday) “Pause for the Pledge” at Ft. McHenry

      Dr. Bob’s Artcar “Founding Fathers” will be on display at the 27th Annual National Pause for the Pledge on Flag Day at Ft. McHenry  6-9:30 PM. There is a band concert and a Fly-Over by the A-10 “Thunderbolt” Jets of the 104th Fighter Squadron 175th Wing, Maryland Air National Guard. Conclude with a spectacular Fireworks Display by ZAMBELLI. 

June 15, 2006 (Thursday) 7:30-8:30PM*** Barnes and Noble

Pikesville Discussion and Book Signing on Founding Fathers and Secret Societies. Barnes and Noble, Woodholme Center, 1819 Reisterstown Rd., Baltimore, MD 21208. ***NOTE THE NEW STARTING TIME IS 7:30!!!***

Public number for directions: 410-415-5758.

June 17, 2006 (Saturday) 6:30 - 10 Golden Radio Buffs semi-annual meeting and radio show reenactment

(My Friend Irma and Suspense). Dr. Bob’s Artcar “Founding Fathers” will be on display  and he will give a brief presentation.

First Christian Church at Roland and Lake Ave., Baltimore

For info, Gene Leaner: 410-477-3051.  

July 4th, 2006 (Tuesday) Happy Independence Day America! Radio Interview: Al Kulas, WKBK , Keene, NH 

July 21, 2006 (Fri) Artscape Artcar Parade

Dr. Bob’s Artcar “Founding Fathers” will be riding in the annual Artscape parade starting at AVAM, the American Visionary Arts Museum on Key Highway 

Coming later this summer (dates to be determined) “Secrets of the Dollar Bill” on the History Channel and “Mysteries of the Masons” on the Discovery Channel both featuring interviews with Dr. Bob Hieronimus! 

September 9, 2006 (Saturday) Reister's Towne Festival  Parade

Dr. Bob’s “Founding Fathers” Artcar has been invited to ride in this parade celebrating Reister’s Towne. Meet him later on at Hannah More Park to buy a personally autographed copy of his book and the private symbology lesson on his car.  Also on sale will be colorful eye in triangle buttons and coffee mugs. 

September 29, 30 & October 1, 2006, (Fri-Sun) Baltimore Book Fest –

Dr. Bob will be presenting on his book Founding Fathers, Secret Societies at the “Next Big Thing” Tent for the CityLit Project.  He will also be on hand at the Inner Traditions tent and the “Founding Fathers” Artcar will be on display.

Friday 5-9pm, Saturday & Sunday 11am-7pm, Mount Vernon Place located at the 600 block of North Charles Street. 

October 8, 2006 (Sunday) Ruscombe Health Fair 11-4 PM Eastern

Enjoy friendly conversation with professionals in the holistic health care business at Baltimore’s oldest and largest established center for natural healing, The Ruscombe Mansion Community Health Center.  Founded by Zohara and Bob Hieronimus, Ruscombe offers the finest quality healing treatments from herbal therapies and massage to acupuncture and allergy elimination in a peaceful, beautiful setting.  Fantastic book sale from 21st Century Radio!  Come see Dr. Bob’s “Founding Fathers” Artcar on display and buy a personalized copy of his book.

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