Founding Fathers, Secret Societies by Dr. Robert R. Hieronimus -

Freemasons, Illuminati, Rosicrucians and
the Decoding of the Great Seal

by Dr. Robert R. Hieronimus, Destiny Books, 2006
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All Autographed copies come with a free copy of the brochure created for the U.S. Department of the Interior, “The 200th Anniversary of the Great Seal” written by Robert R. Hieronimus, and distributed at his Independence Hall speech June 20, 1982.

All autographed copies purchased from this website come with one bonus prize. Please Choose One Bonus Prize From These Four Options:


Exclusive Great Seal Coffee Mugs!  Custom-made for, deep indigo in color with majestic gold ink depicting the reverse of our nation’s great seal. 


Great Seal Medallion (you’ll get one 2-sided medallion) showing both the obverse and reverse. LIMITED AVAILABILITY ! Please specify either bronze or nickel plating.  Measures 1.5 inches across.  Van Brook of Lexington mint.


Color Button

Great Seal Reverse Pin-back Button, Full Color


Seal Reverse Button

Great Seal Reverse Pin-back Button, Black & White


Each of these bonus items is also available for purchase separately:
     Great Seal Coffee Mug - $17.50
     Great Seal Medallion - $16.00
     Great Seal Color Pin - $5.00
     Great Seal Black and White Pin - $3.00

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