Founding Fathers, Secret Societies by Dr. Robert R. Hieronimus -
A Travelogue with Dr. Bob
Founding Fathers Artcar and Book on the Road in March 2006

artcar The “Founding Fathers” Artcar premiered at the American Visionary Arts Museum in Baltimore on March 25, 2006.

Even though the core of Dr. Bob Hieronimus’s research in Founding Fathers, Secret Societies is 40 years old, it took Dan Brown’s blockbuster DaVinci Code to awaken a worldwide interest in symbols and secret societies.  In March 2006, Dr. Bob released a new book with a matching Artcar that are receiving quite a lot of attention as seen in these photos!  His work has been used by several White House administrations, shared with Egypt’s president Anwar el-Sadat, printed several times in the Congressional Record and supported by Senators Barbara Mikulski, Paul Sarbanes, and Charles Mc Mathias. Click here for Dr. Bob’s schedule of appearances in 2006.

front of artcar

The hood and the trunk of the “Founding Fathers” Artcar honor the Native American influences on the founders.

rear from above

Dr. Bob at podium. Dr. Bob is a presenter at the Virginia Festival of the Book in Charlottesville, March 22, 2006.
Bob interviewed by History Channel. Dr. Bob is interviewed for a documentary on the History Channel about the one dollar bill to be aired in the Summer of 2006. 
Bob on WJZ TV 13. He appeared on Coffee With Marty Bass and Don Scott on WJZ on March 24, 2006.
Bob at AVAM. Dr. Bob Hieronimus and Rebecca Hoffberger, Founder of the American Visionary Arts Museum.
Bob at Monticello. Dr. Bob visits Monticello and finds a pyramid inside the foyer.
Bob and the History Channel crew. Film crew for the History Channel documents the Founding Fathers Artcar.
FFSS book cover.
Available from Inner Traditions International 1-800-246-8648. Click here to order.
Dr. Bob presents his book to the Thomas Jefferson Research Center. 
Owings Mills Times Owings Mills Times and the Jeffersonian printed articles the week of March 21. 
Bob AVAM Eye. The Egyptian eye (or sun) over the mountain is on screen as Dr. Bob presents to Fortfest at AVAM on March 25. 

Click here for Dr. Bob’s schedule of appearances in 2006.


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